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Everything I Know

by The Good Wives

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released April 7, 2014

The Good Wives: J. Bruggman, N. Alexander, S. Berg
With Michael Benjamin Lerner, Luke Williams
Produced at The Jackson Climb
Mixed and Mastered by Matt McMonagle
Cover Art Photo Credits: City by Matthew Alexander Jake by Casey Cosley




The Good Wives Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Why It's a Bad Idea
You said it's tough to
Count the many ways
You'd be willing to leave
Yeah there is a mid-night train
That could take you a million
Miles away

So go on and leave me
I'll just finish my supper alone

No, I'm not waiting
For your return
No, I've heard
This song before
You've found yourself
A better man
One that can hold down
A job

Well, baby, I'm not bitter
I know it's a chore to stick with me

Well, when you're out there
On your own
When the cold
Finally hits
Your bones
You're always welcome
Back here in my arms

Yeah, I'm a forgiving man
Or maybe I'm just lonesome

But when that train whistle blows
I'm always looking for you
No, it's not that big of a deal
Just wanna know you're alright...
Track Name: Hero in the Story
We met at a bar
When I sidled next to you
I said "Hey there lonely can I buy you a drink?"
You said I'd better make it two

I said I could love you
Then watched your cheeks flush reddish hue

We made our way to a cheap bed
Then stripped out of our clothes
Said "Everyone you'll ever love
"Is gonna die so lets discompose."

Then you called me your cowboy
As you brushed back my hair

Spent the following days in a constant state
Of self-congratulatory
Projections of my prowess as
The hero in this story

The sun peaked in and cast it's light
Across your breast
I stood in the doorway as you said you adore me
And demanded I kiss your neck

You said you could love me
Then watched my cheeks flush reddish hue

I made my way across the room
With a couple of drinks
We downed 'em fast for intended effect
Then retreated underneath
'Cause love is a time bomb
So start the countdown from three

Spent the following days in a constant state
Of self-congratulatory
Projections of my prowess as
The hero in this story
Track Name: Man Like Me
Got a pretty little bird
Says she'll wait for me
She's got herself a young, dumb
Handsome ol' thing
He says
"Go on babe,
"Make your mistakes with him."
But the good ones don't stand a chance
With their girls out chasing men
like me

Yeah, I'll get real god-damned drunk at night
I'll call her up
Say "Babe, it's alright."
And she'll
Head on over to lay by my side
Until one day
When she'll realize
No there ain't no future
With a man
A man like me

And she'll go home
To that pretty paper weight
And he'll make a lot of sense
Yeah, he'll get her to stay
But it'll never last
With a boy like that
No, he could never satisfy
Her dirty little mind
No it'll take a man
Like me

Sooner or later
I'll hear her outside
I'll bring her in
Force her hands to her sides
Then I'll tie her up
Give her hair a little tug
And she'll scream
"Oh, daddy! You're the one I love!
"Yeah I've always needed
"A man
"Oh, a man like you!"
Track Name: Never Speak Again
I've been waiting
For some subtle change
To make me feel sane

I've been staying
Up a little late
Stuck on the old days

And I think of my old girlfriends
And how I loved each one

And I hope we never speak again

I've been wandering
'Round my hometown
Crying out loud

I've been thinking
It's time for me to change
The way I behave

And I think of my old friends
That I made when I was young

And I hope we never speak again
Track Name: Postpartum
Sitting around
And I'm writing these songs
So I can have a way
To remember you
But you don't come around
That often, dear

And this place, no
It don't feel like home

Said it's tough to think
About what you left with me
And every so often
You catch yourself on our street
Looking through the windows
Yeah, you like to watch her eat

Leaving ain't
As easy as you'd think

You've been gone
For coming on three years
You missed out on the first steps
And the first of many words
You didn't want a baby
But you knew just how to leave

I'm not mad
No, I just want you back

You send out
All those birthday cards
But that's not what she needs
No, she needs her mom
And if you come home now
No, I won't ever say a word

Sometimes life
Just keeps piling on