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People Bicycles for Humans to Ride

by The Good Wives

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released October 23, 2012

Additional Musicians: Daniel & Luke Williams
Band Photography by Snap & Capture
Album Art by Estee Clifford

All songs by Bruggman, Alexander, Berg
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Matt McMonagle at
The Jackson Climb Studio | West Seattle 2012




The Good Wives Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Knowing and Not Knowing
And when I first saw your face
I thought I could see beauty in everything
But when you said you were in love
With him, everything seemed wrong

I know now
Just how
Dumb that sounds

Caught the sight of kids playing guns
I asked them to shoot for my heart
Because when love gives no response
Chances are you'll go to far

Yeah, you'll make
An ass
Out of yourself

Now I'm just moping around
Getting real good at feeling sorry for myself
Not a thing I know as well
As the tops of my shoes

I'm catching myself
Saying things I shouldn't admit
Like my need for
Your attention in everything

Yeah, you give it all to him
But does he give a shit?
He can't need you the way I do
Baby, quit putting me through this

Now when you call my phone
Late at night, I know somethings wrong
You said please, just
Leave me alone

I said baby I won't
Ever let you go
Just right then he showed
Up at my door step

Now all I have got to show
For all of these love songs
Is the black in my eyes
And a total loss of shame
Track Name: Platinum Blonde
She had long brown hair she dyed a platinum blonde, in the hopes of finding a man
That'd treat her nice and buy her drinks, and take her out every Saturday night
But guys like that don't have the heart, or imagination
To make anything more interesting, than a night alone in front of the TV

So girl let's not kid ourselves
The truth is they're all just laughing at you

She's all broke up, let the make up run, it won't change a thing
You can't repent for your misspent youth, resigned to a life in front of the sink
Her eyes couldn't see what her heart really needs, and that man bought this wife a home
But shiny rings and name brand things can't bring you joy

So go ahead you pretty young thing
Put your hair up and hide that ring
Track Name: Cause of Cavities
Well, there's something about the way you move
Got my heart skipping to the beat
You said it's quite a nifty trick the way I can leave

So tell me something so sticky sweet it rots holes right through my teeth
When I'm not alone, well darlin', I wish I was

You get up just to adjust the knobs
Need a song to move your feet
Well, baby, I hope this can suffice your needs

So tell me something so sticky sweet it rots holes right through your teeth
You keep up late with a promise; "things are alright"

Well, I guess we've got quite the drive
Always prefer to travel by night
So turn up the dial now, we sign along

So tell me something so sticky sweet it rots holes right through my teeth
If I can't keep you around, I guess that's alright

Made it home a little late
Because you like to take the long way
Said you'd keep me around for as long as I'll stay